Choose Fabrics for Hotel Linen after Learning the Composition

There are various types of fabrics used to make hotel linen. Cotton and silk are the most popular, followed by polyester blends and flannel. You will come across bamboo or rayon as well. Some manufacturers deal with Tencel. The most common type of fabric used for hotel linen is actually a blend. There can be any type of blend depending on the desired quality and the price range. You should never choose hotel linen solely on the basis of the fabric. Manufacturers can always highlight the more favourable fabric to sell their products when it may only be one of the many components in the finished material. You should learn the actual composition before choosing fabrics for hotel linen. Continue reading “Choose Fabrics for Hotel Linen after Learning the Composition”

Explore beyond Cotton while Shopping for Hotel Linen

Cotton is the most widely used fabric for hotel linen around the world. There are many types of cotton. The most expensive and luxurious variant is Egyptian cotton, followed by pima cotton. Upland cotton is less popular but micro cotton thread is widely used. Flannel is another type of cotton that is used for hotel bed linen, mostly in colder climates. Any property located in the temperate zone would have flannel hotel linen for the cold winters. Properties located farther northward and southward in the respective hemispheres would definitely have flannel hotel linen for most of the months. Flannel has fluffed up fibres and the quality of the fabric is assesses in ounces. The quality of cotton is assessed in threads, similar to how most bedding materials including hotel bed linen are assessed. Continue reading “Explore beyond Cotton while Shopping for Hotel Linen”